Report to SBR with ready-made Financial Statements in Excel. Connect data sources, create aggregations, generate XBRL and test your deposit before sharing it outside your company. Easy to use and you stay In Control. Test your deposit rendered in PDF with the same rendering solution as the Chamber of Commerce uses.

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SBR Services

Standard Business Reporting is about machine 2 machine readable data. The 'SBR workflow' is controlled by validations and rules and by professionals who want to inspect the presentation of your deposit. Make your reporting 'workflow' robust by choosing the same validation and rendering software as Digipoort, SBRNexus, Chamber of Commerce, Tax Authorities, and many others.

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Custom Solutions

Batavia XBRL (Services) realizes custom solutions on top of the Batavia XBRL components. Published in our SaaS, these solutions can be called directly in your 'workflow'.

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BXForms. The fastest route to SBR.

BXForms is an easy-to-use solution for preparing your financial statements. All report types (entrypoints) from the SBR-NL taxonomy are rendered as an entry form in Excel. BXForms forms are suitable for 'data entry', but can also be loaded within the shell of an enterprise performance management solution in order to link the data with the cells in the report. You fill out the form and test your work against the validation service. This provides insight into what is missing, which warnings and errors were found and marks them on the cell of your form. You will resolve warnings and errors 1 at a time until your report is satisfactorily ready for filing.

The last step before you send the report out into the world (to your accountant, Digipoort or SBRNexus) is the rendering check via the BXRender service whether the resulting PDF actually corresponds to your wishes and intentions. The fully taxonomy-driven render service of Batavia XBRL (Services) generates a human-readable report in accordance with Chamber of Commerce and Consistent Presentation.

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SBR Services. SBR on the move.

The mandatory requirement for large non-listed and medium-sized non-independents to report in SBR has been repeatedly postponed in recent years. The current status is the legal obligation that reports must be made in SBR for the 2022 financial year.

SBR has always distinguished itself by offering company-specific XBRL reports. Every company size has its own 'entry point' reports. In the volume of an SBR NL taxonomy, the various reports are described in detail and provided with definitions and references to codes on which the reports are based.

With the advent of European legislation and regulations and standardization for listed companies, the 'ESEF' (European Single Electronic Format) approach has also come within the scope of SBR. This concerns inlineXBRL reports.

Various working groups are investigating what is needed for the large-unlisted and medium-sized-non-self-employed business types and to what extent inlineXBRL can play a role in this.

Globally speaking, the SBR working groups distinguish 3 scenarios:

  1. SBR NL XBRL : XBRL message may be supplemented with Preparer Extension to be able to report extra data or graphs.
  2. SBR NL inlineXBRL : inlineXBRL (XHTML) message possibly supplemented with Preparer Extension to report extra data. Charts and images can be added to your report in XHTML to suit your presentation needs.
  3. IFRS NL inlineXBRL : inlineXBRL (XHTML) message, possibly supplemented with Inline Anchoring Extension to report extra data. Charts and images can be added to your report in XHTML to suit your presentation needs.

Option 1 and 2 lend themselves well to a generation of your report based on the predefined structures in the SBR NL taxonomy. An entry point describes in detail what your business type should report and provides validation and support from the taxonomy. The process can therefore be taken up as a fill-in exercise.

For option 3 the 'ball pit' principle applies. The IFRS elements can be chosen at will and extensions to the request can be defined yourself. The BXForms approach can render a presentation in Excel based on the standard sets, which serves as a starting point for the creation of your inlineXBRL XHTML report.

Option 1 and 2 offer the most support from the predefined structure and management to arrive at conclusive reports that can be received and processed by the requesting authorities. BXForms guides your process through validation and targeted feedback of errors and warnings where they occur in your project in progress.

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Components. The building blocks for your XBRL and SBR solution.

Batavia XBRL (Servics) has been developing components for processing XBRL messages since 2004. New functionality is added through modules. The modular approach follows the specifications that are being introduced within XBRL and SBR.

The dark blue 'core' components work together seamlessly in performing their task. The light blue solution components unlock the XBRL world through API calls and package them in functionality that can be used by users.

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Partners and clients. Users of the Batavia XBRL components and services.

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